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Kensei Blended Japanese Whisky

 The Blended Whiskey of the Japanese Kensei distillery is the result of a precise selection and assembly of fine whiskeys that age in small oak barrels, to derive from their fusion a whiskey that benefits from the characteristics of each of them.

It has an intense golden yellow color. The nose reveals hints of ripe fruit and freshly cut flowers, along with woody and honeyed notes. In the mouth it is warm, velvety, with aromas of sweet spices and toasted.

This whiskey is perfect for meditation or to be served after dinner with your friends.


Nose: Fresh and full of citrus fruits with plenty of oak spices and hints of vanilla.

Taste: Spicy and smooth. A little water brings out masses of citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, and limes as well as an underlying salted caramel sweetness that sets everything off perfectly.

Finish: Fades fast but with plenty of sweetness. Moorish.

Kensei Distillery


The Kensei-Yu whisky was created with the intention tohonour the Samurai “way” and its values of wisdom,serenity, and mastery of the arts


The physical lifestyle of the Samurai was tempered by their dedication toachieving spiritual balance and a careful examination oftheir practice.

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