聖地門 雪莉酒Medium Dry

  • 聖地門 雪莉酒Medium Dry
聖地門 雪莉酒Medium Dry 
Sandeman Medium Dry Sherry

Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry 在其自己的小桶 Solera 中陳釀。剛剛採收的淡色葡萄酒慢慢演變成中等金黃色的琥珀色。它們變得更加豐富和微妙複雜。後來加入了少量甜雪利酒,賦予了美妙的中等乾度和淡淡的甜味。

Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry 溫和芳香,帶有銅和金色的琥珀色,口感非常和諧。一開始令人愉悅的甜味讓位於堅果味和悠長的清爽餘韻。



桑德曼酒莊 Sandema


桑德曼酒莊由喬治·桑德曼(George Sandeman)於1790年創立,喬治·桑德曼(George Sandeman)最初在倫敦出售波特酒和雪麗酒,然後於1811年移居葡萄牙。19世紀末,桑德曼在西班牙收購了雪利酒酒廠,此後開始生產一系列雪利酒。今天,這所酒莊由第七代喬治·桑德曼(George Sandeman)經營,他在加入公司之前曾在波爾圖和赫雷斯工作。




Brothers George and David Sandeman from Perth founded the company in 1790 with £300.

David left the company in 1798 to found the Commercial Bank of Scotland leaving George in sole charge.

Initially passed to his nephew, George Glas Sandeman, Sandeman remained a family business until bought out by the drinks company Seagram in 1979. In 2001 the operation was sold to Sogrape by Diageo and Pernod Ricard who had acquired it from Seagram. A descendant, George Thomas David Sandeman is a member of the board of Sogrape Vinhos S.A.




Sandman Porto Fine Ruby is produced by the traditionalPorto Wine method. The hand-picked grapes undergostalk-removal and crushing before fermentation, undercontrolled temperature, with skin maceration so as toextract the best components. The addition of wine alcoholat the ideal moment sets the balance between the wine'sbody and bouquet.




After the harvest, the wines remain in the Douro until thefollowing Spring. On this time of the year, the wines aretransported to Vila Nova de Gaia to the Sandemanlodges. There, this fine wine will age in oak casks.Throughout the years the wines are carefully tasted andanalysed by the oenology team who also makes allnecessary corrections and prepares the final blend so asto keep Sandman Porto Fine Ruby's style and character. 


The bottle should be kept in a vertical position, protectedfrom light and humidity, at a constant temperaturebetween 16°C-18°C.


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