悍馬家族 典藏卡內本紅葡萄酒2013

  • 悍馬家族 典藏卡內本紅葡萄酒2013

悍馬家族 典藏卡內本紅葡萄酒2013

Patria Nueva Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon



APPEARANCE:Dark red-purple color

NOSE:Complex nose with intense notes of plums, cherries, liquorice, vanilla and cocoa

MOUTH:Full-body structure with firm, rounded tannins as well as hints of cherry and toffee on the finish

PAIRING:This wine can be a great companion for Wagyu Sirloin steak

悍馬家族 Patria Nueva

The beginning of a noble chronic.

At the distance a bold and powerful gallop is heard. A courageous group of horsemen approaches. In February 1817 an epic moment in our country’s history occurred. A brave group of patriots crossed the Andes mountains willing to reach the independence of our new country.

Patria Nueva is a tribute to the courageous stallions which made possible the victory of our independence. A tribute to those brave horses and horsemen, whose actions still resonate today.

Patria Nueva is a reminder of those noble souls that will not be forgotten, because without their impressive acts, we wouldn’t know our country as we do today. This wine is a homage to our history and its glory.

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